Macam tak sabar-sabar nak cuti! I applied leave this Friday, and now I’m counting days to it.

It’s boring to read blogs lately, as many still don’t update their blogs. Kinda boring to read “Selamat Hari Raya” wish, without any story followed. May be people still in Eid mood, and busy having open house during weekend.

I’m also counting days for the vacation. I don’t know what to expect. Smooth sailing or hectic journey, I pray to God for the best. To friends, here some itinerary that may be you are waiting for me to expose. HEHE.

7th Oct –  Fly to Gold Coast by Air Asia.

8th Oct –  Reach Gold Coast. Then fly to Sydney by Tiger Airways.

9th Oct –  blank

10th Oct –  blank

11th Oct  –  Fly back to Gold Coast by Jetstar.

12th Oct  – Visit Warner Brothers theme park.

13th Oct – blank

14th Oct – Going back to Malaysia by Air Asia.

There you see. I actually still don’t plan what to do there. Hoping for Faiz’s friends to help us figure it out what is the best.

But I think this is crucial. Australia is not somewhere I can decide to go just in 1 week. I bought this ticket long time ago, just to get the most cheap price. And then now, when it’s time to go, I still didn’t have plan what should I do there.

Pray for Allah for the help.

I have another worry. Until now I still didn’t see payment transaction on online banking for Jetstar ticket, theme park ticket and visa payment. But I already got the confirmation email and itinerary from them.

It makes me worry because I did see the payment transaction for Tiger Airways ticket. What happened actually for the 3 of them? Did I did something wrong during the transaction?

Aiseh, this is what happened if you don’t have experience in traveling outside at all.

Let’s talk about something else. I wanna have haircut. This is what I do when I wanna traveling.

So what style should I have?

Cute Style

Don’t-mess-up-wit-me Style

Gorgeous Style

I-don’t-care-but-still-pretty Style

Re-bonding Style

People-will-look-at-me-twice Style

Product-Model Style

Celebrity Style

Or, is it possible to change to this..

Repunzel Hair

Atau, payah-payah sangat, just cut it off terus la..

Ade-aku-kisah Style

Hehe. I just wanna waist time here. It is not like I’m going to discuss about that here.