How just a simple speech could motivate you and bring you on?

And the next day (or the following week), I you just simply demotivated again (because nobody wanna give a motivational class again.) HEH.

Anyway, if I could manage time last week to write about this crap (I mean, about my being ‘up’ & ‘down’), may be I would write it up to 100 words (or more). But since I’m quite busy chasing the dateline for the issues and my new module assignment, before I take the vacation, the whole writing idea burst with demotivated day I have today.

So, let just tell you about my attending ‘open houses’.

To tell you the truth, non of these open houses that I attended last week was mine. They were all belong to my housemate. But since she didn’t have partner to ask, she asked me instead to be her partner. Well I don’t mind, as long as I don’t have plan & I get free food. HEH.

Later, we went to our house owner, to pay him a visit and to ‘beraya’ as well, as these was our last year to be his tenant. And yes, I confirmed you that he is Engku Emran’s father, and it makes him as Erra Fazira’s father in law. HEH.

Anyway, although his family has connected to Malaysia’s celebrity, we didn’t talk about his daughter in law at all. HAHA. Nampak sangat macam ada niat. Okay, actually no. It likes, yes we know it, and we are a little bit of dying to know more, but we don’t have to talk to know more. Just use your skill and six sense to read between the line and learn about it. HAHA. Macam psycho daa.

So, what I learn is, she is just like everyone else. She is regular person, when she’s around with family and friend. After all, we are not in Hollywood, where celebrities are like diva or queens. (May be there are some, but who cares! Lantak diorang lah kan.. Hehe.)

Eh, it’s like I’m talking about Erra with Pak Engku & Mak Engku. Did I told you that we didn’t talk about her at all. These visit was more like to get to know Pak Engku’s family, because that was our first time meeting Mak Engku. It might be cliche but yes, she is very nice.

And, surprisingly, we get duit raya! Oh mine! T__T. I never get duit raya after I graduated. To be frank, I got duit raya before graduated only from really-really close family, because that were become my expanses for my study. So, Jazakallah for the duit raya. HEH.

Although it’s Monday, still happy thinking about duit raya. It’s not because of money, but the remembrance that count.

Salam Aidilfitri.