I was having blog hopping during my ‘demotivated’ days, and a few blog I read make me realize that all this while, I already forgot how to have a happy and happening life. What a thing to forget??

I miss those days! Days where I could live happily, freely and careless about life and others, let alone financial and family (that was things that bother me the most). Don’t get me wrong, I do care about those things during the old days, but not that until I got headache just because my brother couldn’t perform in his study, or when my car got accident or broke down, or when brother keep asking money, although already got PTPTN, and thousand more problem that need to be taken care.

Anyway, the most missing moment was having traveled to wherever and whenever I like. Like those oversea students who travel around during holiday, I did that too.

Hey, who said there’s no place to go just because you got study in your own country. It’s not like you’ve already been in all over places in Malaysia. And believe me, although the government putting so much afford to promote all those interesting places to visit, you still missing a few more names of them. Like when people asked you that place, you would probably say, “Huh, never heard that before!”.

So, until now, I’d already been visit to all state in Malaysia, either East or West. I mean STATE okay, not places. When I said traveling, I didn’t only choose to travel to only those popular places, but it also includes my friends hometown. Some of them live in the city, like KL & Penang, while most of them come from villages and small town, like mine for example. You never know how much different it appear, although it’s only 100-200km from your hometown. The place and culture may differ from one to the others.

And I also love to go places that around or near jungle and stream, because I love nature. And it’s cold too. Not that cold cold, but yeah I don’t like sun too much, like sun at the beach. Weird huh to hear people who come from the island, but hate spending time at the beach? Well, that’s me!!

Despite a lot of places that I still don’t go yet in Malaysia, I still dream to travel around the world. So far, there’s only 2 countries I already went to, which were Singapore & Indonesia. Like people said ‘The journey begin with single step’, so I start with our neighbors.

Insya-Allah, I pray to God to help me to achieve my dreams, so I can travel to the most wanted place I wanna be. It’s in Europe!! Yeayy..