Second entry for today! Oppss.. it’s already 1.05am, meaning it’s already enter the next day.

Just now, I was watching Sex And The City series (SATC) at HBO. This is what I always do when stay late at night, watching any interesting tv show. Anyway, every time I watched SATC, I always felt a little disgust grows towards one of the main character, Carrie Bradshaw.

Let me remind you that this is my personal opinion, so forgive me if you hate to read it. Everyone has their own way of thinking, right? Before I tell you the thing that I hate about Carrie, let me brief you a little bit about the storyline.


The series focuses on the lives of Carrie, a sex columnist and expensive shoe addict; Miranda, a lawyer trying to juggle her career and single motherhood; Samantha, a publicist with a major appetite for men; Charlotte, the good girl looking for the right man who will make all her childhood dreams come true.

As these women try to navigate through love, loss and all the good and bad life has to offer, their individual dreams eventually come true (if even for a moment), but the most important lesson they learn is that no matter what, they know they can only count on each other.



Before I begin, I must admit that this is an interesting show. Although the lifestyle is kinda not suit with ours at all. But hey, look who produced it. Just pick the positive side and drop the rest.

And yes, I have a little issue with Carrie’s character. After watched couple episodes of SATC, I think Carrie was the most selfish, childish, immature and self-center person, despite of many good characters that they try to put on her in that show.

Yes she has beauty, sexy, intelligent mind, caring, sensitive and thousand things that women want and men look for. But somehow I didn’t feel the synchronization on them. How come you have brain, but the same time you can’t accept fate and others’ opinion? How come you cared about the others and issues, but when something bothers your mind, it always about you that you need people to focus on. It’s so unnatural for people to have both opposite values at the same time.

So here come the expected question I will received: If you really hate Carried Bradshaw in SATC that much, why are you still watching the series? Why don’t you just switch off the tv, and go to sleep (since I watched it during midnight)?

And here the expected answer: Because life doesn’t always go like we want to. No matter how much I feel disgust with people like Carries, there are may be thousand of them, waiting to bump me at anytime.

So I try to except them. Except in a way, if I ever meet them, I try not to be surprise. And I try to avoid them because they do annoy me. To be truth, it indeed shows that people is not perfect! No matter how much you see grass greener on the other side, remember they are not always perfect , just like yours.

And Carrie isn’t that bad. Luckily she has the brain and sensitivity. So most of the time, at the end of the show she knew she was wrong and admit them.