It’s been quite sometimes I didn’t update blog. But what to do. I don’t have internet at home. And when I’m in the office, work is always priority number 1. And not to mention, I need to hide it from colleagues about this blog. Not afraid, just avoiding problem in the future. So this is why I always forgot to update.

Anyway, right now, I’m in Kajang, using cousin’s broadband, not just to update my blog, but settle down a few things, like job hunting, sending resume to various company and looking for air tickets. Yeah.. there are a few big steps I need to do before end of this year (I hope I couldĀ  achieve all of them!).

Job Hunting

It is not become a ‘why’ question when I decided to be a job hunter. I guess everybody start guessing that since I started complaining about my boss. In fact, friends would wonder when I’m gonna take the step. Well, what can I say, it’s the matter of time! May be, I need somebody or something to push me.

The thing is, my closest colleague in the office got better offer and going to move out after raya. That’s what happened. That’s make me work a little harder. After she move out, meaning I will be facing and have a battle with my boss alone. I don’t know why but most of the time, boss loves to attack both of us. It likes a pleasure to him. Or may be, no matter how hard we fight, at the end of day, we still try to give 100% to the task (although in our way). And the great thing is, we always back up each other. That’s what make us stronger.

Now, since she’s going to go, I don’t think I have enough energy to fight alone. So I’m going to take the same step as her, which actually we’ve been planning a few months ago.


I’m going to visit Faiz after raya. However, I’m still not planning properly. The only thing that is for sure is my air ticket. Other than that, like another air ticket to Faiz’s house, where to stay, how much money to bring, budget and many stuff are still question mark.

Got to do it before company start sending me back to Terengganu.


I hear a rumor that we’re going to be outstation a week after raya. First, I heard that it’s going to be on 18th. After that, it will be on 17th. It makes me really worried. It’s not just because of the outstation, but I have done nothing yet about my CR and my new task, the report.

Hope I hear a better new next week. Other wise, it will killing my raya mood.