I really can’t get away from my job area, you know! I can’t really go away from medical area and all the medical terms, although I’m not working right now! Damn I’m get into it too much..


When I was a child, I used to dream to be a doctor. Doctor in operation theater to be specific. Then when I was in school, I was hoping I could be a forensic. Too much watching X-Files, and dreaming to be Dana Scully I guess..

But I couldn’t catch up my school to be a doctor. Not even a dentist.  So I took diploma in Computer Science. And then degree in Artificial Intelligent, or they called it Inteligent System in my faculty. At least, I be a computer-doctor.

So, after 6 years, I realize that, I actually never gey away with my first dream. Yeah.. I’m not a doctor, but now, I’m working with a doctor and working in the hospital. I’m in health care area. No matter how much I hate my job right now, it is not because I hate the area.

Apart from getting free medical advice, and free medicines too (oppss..), I love being around them, and to help people. I love to help them provide better service to patients. I help people in a way by helping doctors and nurses helping them. I love to be miss know-everything-about-hospital-system.

Okay, you get it what I love. But, now I’m scratching my head thinking, do I love my job too much that, I spend time watching Trauma, a series about paramedic and hospital, all day long.

And I do love watching Grey’s Anatomy too.

I can’t really get away from this, right?