I’ve been sitting here alone in this hotel room.. (aishh.. mcm lirik lagu pulak..), it really make me feel like a loser. Damn.. what kinda feeling is this? My those colleagues already went back to KL, with joy and happiness, left me behind with feel of sorrow.

I try my best to be istiqamah to do tarawih with jamaah, while it’s really killing me to do it alone, like before. There are a lot of differences between do it alone and jamaah. If I do it alone, I can concentrate on every sentence of Surah and Salawat I read. If I do it alone, I do it with tomakninah and usually done 23 rakaat. If I do it alone, I don’t need to be rush to mosque before Isyak, and I can spend during that time to read a few sentences of Al-Quran.

But, on the opposite, if I do it with jamaah, at the mosque, I got a lot of pahala. And it will somehow teach me a lot of lesson to be learn. Like to be patient. Be patient with the crowd. Be patient with the noise of children. Be patient with feeling hot. To put them all in once, it will teach me to be tawaduk.

Oklah, I hope this time, I’m not giving headache with a lot of terms. It shouldn’t be, if you are muslim!


Wanna hear something about me? …

Well, for the first time, I miss my car. *blush* Before this, I never care too much about my car. May be, because of my driving to kampung last week.

I’m just having this car for 2 months, and never drove too far. And suddenly, I drove for four and half hour to kampung. And then back to KL three and half hour. (Aik.. baru perasan.. cemaner bleh jadi lagi kurang pulak.. *scratching head*).

So anyway, when you are having fun with something, you kinda miss to do it again and again. Hehe. So here I am, missing my car, and missing to drive it Fast & Furious!



Until then, Have a Blessing Day!