Because of the hectic and stressful life I had for the pass months, I forgot how to be good..


When I was young, it was a first lesson I learn from mom.. to be a good girl. Even everyone encourage and love a good girl. Although a good girl sometimes doesn’t always get what she want, apparently, good girl always be bless by the others and will be rewarded later.

The first rules of being a good girl is.. to respect the elders. When elders speak, you must quite and listen. If you want to speak out, speak only to the closest people beside you, and let the elder tell the eldest. If you see something is not right, listen first, and then only speak when it comes to your turn.

Being a good girl also means, you cannot be too demanding. You must always be thankful. If it is meant to be for you, then it will be yours. Otherwise, be patient and think positive.

Another rule of being good is, you must be polite, especially to the eldest. You must behave yourself and know how to bring yourself in the crowd. If you are not good enough, learn to be better then.

There are more rules of being good that I don’t write them down here. Several rules are more than enough to show that it is not the blame of our parents if we behave badly.


I remembered when I was four or five, there was a ‘kenduri’ in one of my relatives’ house. There are a lot of kids like me, playing around in the house. And then, suddenly one of these kids open up a fridge, to see what inside. It happened that there were several tempting chocolate inside the fridge. I was there, beside that kid, and I saw that chocolate too. And yes, it look so delicious! Anyway, this kid, couldn’t remember boy or girl, started crying out for the chocolate. I couldn’t remember what exactly happened next, but what I remembered my grandma complaining about that kid behavior, for wanting something that is not theirs and not listening to people advice.  And grandma praised me for being such a good girl, because I didn’t even said a single word about asking the same thing. But of course, later on I found out that the kid got what he/she wanted, while I only just got the credit.

When telling you this, it’s not that I wanna tell people that I am or used to be a good girl before. I was a naughty girl as well who always caused trouble to my mom, only that usually I didn’t show them in front of other people. The intention is to show that people love a good person.


~Actually, I’m planning to have another paragraph for this entry. But it’s already 2.30 in the morning, and I need sleep. So I guess.. baca jelah apa yang ada. HAHA. Kalau ada yang tertinggal.. anggap jelah bukan rezeki korang membaca apa yang ada dalam fikiran saya sekarang ni! 😉