*Ahh.. akhirnya aku bleh jugak menulis dekat blog nih!! Tiba-tiba je macam ada bugs, asal click new post je.. jadi blank screen!

Below is the saved draft I’ve done last weekend.

God.. I never thought it could be so hard to make an entry, when there are actually trails of thought in my mind. It’s like when you need to do essay in you English paper, where you are given a lot of key points, but you seem can’t find the right words to even make a sentence. Damn, it’s so frustrating!

And FYI, I took almost 10 minutes to write the sentence above!

I don’t know what was happening to me. It seems that I have lost interest in making post. No, that’s not the right words. I’m still interested in blogging. It just that right now I have no desire to do anything. I just like to lay down, doing nothing, or do something that required me to do nothing.

Let’s move on. I won’t achieve anything by being like this.

This weekend, I’m in KL. That’s what I need most! It’s like giving me a space to think! Being in KT, sometimes I think I already be a robot. Doing nothing else but work. I’ve lost track of time, lost having life to the fullest and lost skill of making friends. Some other times, I’m being so rebellious. I don’t think about the others. I’m always complaining and whining. I hate my boss and people who critics me. Sometimes I’m cursing. And I lost the interest to survive.

The good thing about me is that I don’t really drag other people to be in the same boat with me. But my mood may kill the others.

So, when I ‘m in home, I do a little recovery process for myself. Thinking back what have I done, what should I be, how I’m going to survive and the most important thing, how am I going to be consistent with what I’m planning. Because my weakness is I can easily be distracted by the emotion of others.

Hear we go.. now you see how I’m whining.