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Currently, I’m watching Paretnhood. I had been waiting to watch this series since they advertised them on the tv. But working in Terengganu, I have no choice but to watch only channels hotel provides, and Star World is not one of them.

The story is quite confusing at first, but I think I cannot judge it yet, until I watch till the end, or may be 1 more series.

Until then, let move to next story..


Talking about watching Star World, yes, now I’m in KL. Now I can sleep in my messy room, driving my car armature, watching tv, having my hectic life back etc. I’m planning not going to work this week. Or at least on Monday and Tuesday. I wanna have a big rest before LIVE. On Wednesday, Boss send me to Sarawak for 2 days. So may be, I’ll just work on Friday. Or may be not, if schedule already come out. Hopefully we don’t need to go to Terengganu this week. Let us have a long pause in KL..


I still don’t hear any news from Along since the day she and Sujek went to meet Ninah. I hope both of them will be okay. The thing is, I really need to meet them to make sure they really okay. Especially Along.

And again, I hope everybody who read this, I’m begging you again, please.. read Al-Fatihah to Along’s mother, who passed away last Sunday.


After 1 month planning, friends and I went for out door at Bukit Cahaya (known before as Bukit Cerakah) at Shah Alam, with a lot of planning activities. Some of them worked out and some don’t, but over all all of us are okay and satisfied!

Let’s have a little conclusion of over all activities..

Saturday morning, I woke up late! Should met up at 8.30am at Mc D Shah Alam. But I managed to meet them on time. After took breakfast at Mc D (but I don’t! Remember last entry about the boycott), we went to Taman Pertanian.

First activity was Skytrex Adventure. God.. it was really extreme!! Actually, they provide 3 level: Beginner, Big Challenge and Extreme. Without ever try Big Challenge, we tried the Extreme, which I strongly not recommended to do it, unless you already do Big Challenge, or you used to skytrex activity.

Very challenges to me. First, because it was so high, which up to 22 meters from the ground. Second, I need to climb rope stairs to go up, which need a lot of stamina to do it. And third, I am alone up there. All this while, there are ‘some body’ to encourages or push me for challenge activity. Now, I need to push myself, or else people behind cannot continue. Imagine to flying fox by yourself!!

Tengoklah.. betapa cuaknya muka..

Dan betapa gembiranya setelah habis aktiviti..

Break for lunch after skytrex, then we continued cycling around the park. At five, we started to bring camping’s thing inside the camp site. Night, we went to i-City, then made BBQ and having dinner at 12 midnight!

Next morning, we visit more places in the park, but this time, we went there by car. Last activity before we went back, we swam at the swimming pool, inside the camp site. ~no pictures available since my hp already out of battery!

Over all feed back I got were, it was the challenges activity we ever done (because of the fear factor), but yet this was the most comfortable camping we ever had. With camp site already there, and water pipe near every camp, clean toilet and shower room, can bring cars, swimming pool, a lot of food, and last but not least can go out anytime when we felt boring!

That’s all for now.. daaa!