It was Saturday afternoon, and I was watching ‘Samantha Who?’ It’s not a brand new series. It’s already came out last year, or many months ago, but I kinda not follow it, due to time consuming.

However I like the series! Interesting story line I must say. It’s about a woman named Samantha who got amnesia after car accident and not even remembered a single thing about herself. In the journey of finding her identity and pass history, she found out that she was an evil woman and being so mean to people around her. The knowledge really disappointed her, but what else she could do. She decided that she just had faced it. And I like her way of thinking. The whole incident of her having a car crashed made her thought that may be this was some kind of way for God to help her fixed what she had done and tried to be a better person.

What if this thing happened to us? Do we like to have another chance to change ourselves, to be new person? Be a person we dream of? Fixed the thing we done wrongly? Wow.. I think I would like it. There are a few thing that I not so please pf my action and if I could turn back time, I would like to do it differently.

But, I don’t say it’s going to be easy. Look at Samantha. When she found out that, she was a playgirl and tried to sleep with almost every man around her, never talked to her parents for more than 2 years, so mean to her workers and always tried to dump people around her, she felt so miserable and almost felt down. And ever since she tried to be nice and do the right thing after the accident, all people tried to pay back for what she had done.

Luckily she got supportive parents, a helpful friend and a kind and handsome ex-boyfriend. They were people who support her to become what she decided to. I guess if these happened to us, we must have support system to help us to get through all these.

Anyway, I don’t know to what direction this entry is going to. HAHA. May be, I just wanna tell you guys that I like watching ‘Samantha Who’. That’s all!!


I made trifle again last Sunday, it was the third time and I’m proudly say that I did it alone! Now I can claim that..


HAHA. Okay.. that’s too much! Master is not meant for me. Master is suit for Cik Tirah. But at least, this time I did it alone. The last 2 times, it was under Cik Tirah supervision!

This times, I took mango and blueberry to put on top of it. It look pleasant, but I like the taste with strawberry.


Guess what happened to me this week? Okay, I think you cannot guess. Since when you know what happened to me, unless if I told you so. 😉

Anyway, I wanna tell you big news! Which is…




Yeayy to me! Eh eh.. sorry sorry. Syukur Alhamdulillah!! Yes.. I booked the car last month or so, and got it this month. Actually, to tell you the truth, I’m not that kind of happy. I mean, I’m not really really really happy and excited and can’t wait to have and drive it. I just feel so so. Not too happy, not worried, not sad. I guess, blur is the right word.

Sometimes, during the period after I get a call from the salesman and before I sign the agreement, I tried to think again. Is it what I want? Am I make a right decision? Or may be I make a not-so-important decision? Am I bought it to early? Sometimes, it cross my mind to just cancel the booking and forget about this whole idea.

But, it just my weird idea. The thing is, I signed the agreement, I took the car last Friday, on Wesak Day. Start from that night I learn and learn to drive my car, with the help from D. Thanks D, I really appreciate it. And at the third day, I already drive at PJ.

And ever since now and then, I drive the car everyday without failed! In fact, I already drive alone to work. HEHE.

My comment: Wow.. like I got another pair of legs. So free to go anywhere..

taking from driver's seat.. ehehe..


Another story to tell.

I just got this information that, our house owner is actually.. ERRA FAZIRA’S FATHER IN LAW!!!

Woooo.. meaning that, the uncle who I always called ‘Pak Engku’, is Engku Emran’s father!

Suddently I got a lot of weird idea in my mind. Jeng jeng jeng..