I was so stressed out this morning. It should not happened actually. Not when I already passed training for class session. Everything went well yesterday. So it should be okay today. Nothing to worry. Only hands on at user places, just to give them the ‘look and feel’.

But, when my boss interfere, and seem to include his plan, and put aside our plan, my mood went over places. Luckily, I already promise to myself, to try controlling my anger, so I was keep reminding myself about that. But still, I had a few times rolling my eyes, until I thought my eyes will pop out.. and rolling on the floor. HAHA. Just joking.

Anyway, it ended up by I repeated what I taught yesterday to another group, watching my colleague get scolded in front of users, arguing with my boss AGAIN and last but not least, watching one of my colleague crying because feeling so stress.

During lunch, myself, and a few others, trying to escape from our boss, by shopping at computer’s shop and buy..



Although, it is only a computer cleaner, it really gave me satisfaction in cleaning my laptop, and some how it released my anger too. To see my laptop shine like a brand new, I almost feel the joy and happiness in my life, like I can’t believe it’s true.

Yeah yeah.. I know. It’s quite dramatic!

But seriously I am glad I bought this cleaner set. And I’m planning to buy this..



I try to find this thing today, but it seem KT doesn’t expose with this kit yet. It only had one left, so my colleague bough and all of us borrow from him and clean our keyboard. By seriously, this ‘thing’ is really enjoyable! ~I must be really stress out since I feel cleaning can help to release them.

Enough said, I need to go to sleep.

Hope you find your tools to enjoy the life! ~what a wish? (-_-!!)