Today is our second day of work at KT. Kind of tiring, yet happy, since bosses didn’t really show up. Boss was too busy with the users at hotel. They had an event there.

To tell you the truth, I’m really scared looking for tomorrow. All of our bosses already here at KT. And their job is to make our life disaster! Dowh.. what a life we have.

Actually, I kind of avoiding talk about work here. Not only it’s about unpleasant thing, but also afraid said something I shouldn’t. But what to say when I has been placed here. Everyday is a working day. Although it is weekend! So what else could I talked about?

Okay, let’s give a try. Talked about something else. To be at this age, I need to prepare myself with questions and teasing about being single. Actually I don’t mind either. I mean, I understand our culture. I accept that fact with humble acception.

But then, I always wonder what is love and marriage is all about. Sure, it’s really a Japanese to me. ~pinjam ayat consultant kitorang. Never has been loved to or by stranger *stranger here mean people who are not family or related to me. So, what is the love they talking about? ~This is not insulting question, just a curious question.

So, when my team mate meet the special one, and planning to be engaged and get married, I asked him, how he get involve with this tangle feeling. I mean, how he create the love inside him. Still, he’s answer cannot satisfied me. He said, “may be, it’s love at first sight!”.

Actually, I went through his love story from last year, where he  get to knew the girl from his cousin. They chatted through cyber space and talked through phone at first ~Don’t know which one come first, then they decided to meet.

For me it’s fortunate when they have love at first sight after they met. But I keep on wondering, what if they don’t have the first sight thing. How are they going to create the love. Will they push their selves, or let it come naturally? Will they just walked away and try to meet new person. Or will they try to meet that person, even though they don’t feel anything, and hoping it will create and grow. How will they know when the love thing is created? To what extend they have to wait for the love thing to create and when to stop the trying?

This is really big question mark to me.This ‘love’ thing really confusing and difficult to understand. Like most people said, it’s not something you learn by book or through reading. Thing that people said, need to learn by experience. ~do hearing to other people experience can count?

And yet, it’s not really a big problem to me. HAHA. 😀 It’s just something to think about. An interesting topic to wonder, but I’m not really interested to get into yet.

If, and only if, I’m looking for someone to have the relationship ~or better say, a husband, the first important criteria I hope to get is  ‘QurRatulAyun‘, which is.. erk, let me ask mr. google. I can’t really explain what is really QurRatulAyun is all about, but I know it’s a good criteria to look forward. And I hope, may I be a QurRatulAyun to my partner as well.

Okaylah, enough said.

Hope you find your QurRatulAyun!