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It was a tiring week!

Although i didn’t go to office, I had training to attend. It was International Software Testing Qualification Board training. It was 4 days training and 1 day (or 65 minutes actually) to sit for the exam paper. After 2 weeks, I was told that they will send the result through email.

during class session..

It is an MDeC project, organized by MSTB to handle the training and exam, in order to create qualified software testers in the country.

If you are a tester, this course will definitely help you in your career path and must be the easy one because it’s much more like your daily job. But if you are other than a tester, my advise is please put aside any of your knowledge and experience while taking this course. It’s definitely giving you another perspective of how big company or big project like SHELL handle their testing.

I hope I pass this training. Other wise I have to sit the exam again and paid another RM500. Luckily I don’t have to pay for first one, since it some sort of under company arrangement.

study study study..

So, after the exam, I felt so tired, since the night before, I only took just 2 hour to sleep. The rest of the time, I spend by reading all the material. Although only 6 chapter, but it is quite hard. You have to memorized the information, understand it, and then try to apply in the given case study. Uh uh uh.. it’s like you back to the time at your university!

Enough about ISTQB. Right now, I’m looking for swimming suit for muslimah. Tonight I gonna go to cousin’s house, and swim there. But the problem is, although in website site said the stockist are around my area, it end up they now live at Bangi. Dowwhh.. takkan saya nak pegi Bangi plak kan?

Orait, still looking for the available stockist. Wish me luck!!