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I’m glad I woke up early this morning. Although woke up after my hand phone alarm ringing for about an hour. (-_-”) But I’m really glad that I made it. Having almost perfect Subuh, never sleep after that. Wow!!

Lately, it’s been real hard for me to work up in the morning. Must be from late night sleep. Actually, I had a theory on that. I was thinking that I had sleep a lot lately. And it is bugging me, since I felt how much I lost time for having great time, and just  wasting my time in sleeping. On also got theory that, sleep a lot somehow can make you fat. 😦 ~Never have a proof on the second theory.



So I’m talking about fat. Although I’m not kind of girl who really looking and drooling into beauty and skinny like a model or beauty pageant, I do want a healthy and good BMI. Right now, my BMI is already overweight, which is really not cool! Even during Ayu’s wedding, my aunt already failing to recognize me from my back , and thought it was my mom. ~Actually, my mom is not fat and having almost same size with me, but still scared me a lot since considering to compare me with my mom, who is marriage woman and having many children.

Thinking of what to do, I came out with an outrages idea. Not so outrages, if it falls to other people, but knowing me, having diet pills, surely you gonna say, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?? ~okay, may be not exactly the  samewords, but still it mean the same thing!

Okay, I’m sure you have a lot of question, and one of them would be, why don’t you do exercise? Believe me, I love exercising, especially if it involves with nature and outdoor, like I did before. Or at least I can do jogging, I was better on that before! ~Hope I still remain better. But the thing is, there are a lot of constraint of doing that. I hate those constrain, and really have to put an afford to fight them. Problems like..

1. Don’t know when can I have time to jog.

I always dreaming to jog after work, at the lake, like Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, or at least at the nearest to my office, Taman Tasik at Taman Jaya. There are a lot of facilities there, which I love to use them. ~Always missing the things I did during preparation for Kinabalu last year.

But, thinking of me taking public transportation, the idea become not so cool. How can I go to the lake or park? And thinking of me, bringing exercise clothes to the office, ahh.. how much beg do I have to carry? Then again, thinking of where am I gonna to put my lappy during jogging, ahh.. another tension coming to my head.

I love the time where I can push D to jog every evening last year, scaring her a lot with the idea of not making to the top of Kinabalu if we don’t exercise. Or may be not scaring her enough, but at least, saying what is bugging inside my head.

2. No more outdoors at this point of time.

Outdoor is my favorite all time hobby. Something that I cannot resist. And I can regard it as one kinf of exercise. However, since project at KT has been hectic and need full dedication from all team members, we are advised not to commit to any other activities that require us to take leaves. So, I haven’t joined any outdoors for about a year since the project began. The main problem is, I keep going to KT frequently, and we never have an early and plan schedule for outstation. Always ad-hoc. I don’t blame project manager since the schedule keep changing. I totally understand. But then, here am I, stuck with the schedule and doing nothing during weekend.

3. No time for Gym

I have confession to make. Actually, I already sign up membership at True Fitness. Remember this entry. This was what happened during that Monday evening. But the problem is, I don’t really have time to go there, due to my frequent schedule to KT. And yet, if I be in the office, I have tans of work to do, and that always make me go back late, which is make it not enough time to spend in the gym. To add more, although the gym is quite near from the office, yet it’s pretty far, if I consider to walk to the gym. I don’t have car, remember!

So that’s why I bought ‘Puteri Rembulan’ for my diet pills. I don’t know it works or not ~but I do really hope it work since I heard a few good comments on that thing, but at least I do something. I don’t aspect it work without exercise. I just take it to make it work faster. And of course I still considering the exercise is the main activity to reduce weight. That’s why I’m swimming and jogging during weekend.

Hope every thing would be okay!



kalo asyik dok rosak2.. aku ganti jugak nanti dgn tv kat atas ni *berbau ugutan pd encik tv*

It did it again!!

The TV black out again yesterday night! I guess something burning inside, although there was no fire or smoke. I don’t want to tell and ask help from house owner anymore. Some thing he said last time make me freeze. Or may be not him, he just deliver the quote from people from workshop. But, that’s it! I don’t want to deal with those people again.

Anyway, my housemate and I asked the guard about any workshop nearest. It end up they helped us to take the TV into the car, and recommended new workshop. We just tried. Hope this better than before.



My allergic come again. Don’t know what I already ate. Or may be because of the dust. I really don’t know. So I just bought EPO pills, since I remember that was the first pills I got after doctor confirmed to me that I’ve skin allergic. Guess this is a day I have to buy lots of pills.


I hope your day went well!!