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I’m so glad! I get internet access from my house. ~Line curi! HEHE.

Anyway, the kenduri went well. Although had a little flaws here and there. The important is, it was over! Relief, yet a little anxious. Really need to do something for the next kenduri! Doesn’t matter the kenduri belong to whom, but I definitely need to do something on that!

Although felt relief, I felt guilty too. Because of I cannot stand the talking behind our back, I tend to get angry to my family. Not just angry actually, I tried to fix everything, to make it right and acceptable! What an idiot I am! Who are they that I need to have their acceptance, right?

The most regret thing, I tent to raise my voice to my family including my mom. I’m living in sin!! I’m sorry mom. Really really sorry. I promise I will learn very quickly how to fix and advice everything without raising my voice anymore. And try to control my anger. Or may be I should also learn how to manage things, so that, it become manageable, so  I don’t easily get irritated.

Despite the havoc and hectic during the kenduri time, I’m really happy when I saw the guests that coming that day. I had Imamal, Amirul and wife, Zura, with 2 little cute and adorable child, An Nur and Afiqin, then I had all my aunts and uncles came all the way from KL and Ipoh, along with cousins whom some of them I meet recently, and some of them I didn’t meet for.. 2-3 years I think, and not to forget my mom’s cousins, who I met when I was a child.

A little story about Amirul’s son, Afiqin, all my family and relative like him a lot, because he is so sweet and friendly. And he’s only 6 months!! It’s end up, all family pictures already included him, like he belong to our family. I will get his picture from my cousin to show them here.

Ok, enough talking. Need to sleep, because I’ll be back to work tomorrow. Arrghh.. work is something that make me nervous. A friend told me that, that already started the training, although to only IT support this week. Which is ridiculous since this week we are scheduled to do SRS, not training, and I’m the one who should make the training, and also because the guide is not complete yet.  Dang! I’m dead! Or nearly dead? Or I can skip that, if I know how to handle the situation? Let’s hope everything will be okay tomorrow.

And let’s pray I have time to complete my resume!!