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t’s 3.55 in the afternoon, and I already be here for about 2 hours, or more! My sister asked me to be with her in wedding boutique, to test for the dresses. Dowh.. the task that I cannot fulfill with all my heart. But somehow I need to do this.. at least this is the least thing I can do for her, since I’m not involving in any budgeting, ideas or house decoration. Let just say, these kind or art are not my things!

Let just face it, wedding is the tiring work! Even though it is not my wedding. So much money to spend, so much work to do, so much thing to organize! Not to include the small but important things to take care. Like who doing what. Family involve too little or too much. The talking behind your back. Arr.. seriously need to prepare physically and mentally.

Luckily I’m way too far to arrive to this point. At least at this moment, as far as I know. ~HAHA. Cakap kene berlapik bro! Not to mention the kenduri, I still don’t even have the candidate. Like my answer when Faiz’s mom asked me where to do the party.

Pak Ndak saya pun suruh saya buat kat Taiping. Jadi tak tahu lah nak buat kat mana lagi. Tapi apa kata jaga fikir masalah sampai ke situ. Saya calon pun belum ada. Baik jangan bebankan fikiran dengan benda yang bukan menjadi masalah lagi.

But to be truth, I already know the answer! Just say, I’m a cool and simple person. ~HAHA. Matilah puji diri sendiri. Let’s do the simplest and easy way, but not over spend.

So, helping my sister a little, actually helping me a lot the understand this whole thing. The most intriguing and valuable experience to gather.