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very recent picture - taken a few minutes ago


It’s in the middle of the night, and I’m still reading the 3rd ebook of Twilight.

But suddenly it get creepy. Not from story of the book, but from the desire to have toasted bread with butter, chicken slice, half boil egg and red bean bake for my breakfast, at this very minute.

credit to google

*I feel a little bit guilty to publish this picture, because it’s not mine, but i guess i can put some credit to missalpha.wordpress.com


Crap.. I’m really crazy!! How come 2 slices of break with butter, egg and red bean can make craving?? I’ll be damn!!

It started when I saw that things last 2 days, when I was having breakfast in the hotel. Then  I already put a dream to have them the next day. But when the next day came, which is today, I already forgot and I took nasi lemak and roti jala for my breakfast. Only after that, when I wanted to take desert, I saw the eggs, then I remembered my temptation. And I became so frustrated for not remembering that!

breakfast this morning..


So, I began telling everybody, to remind for that food tomorrow!

So, it suppose to be, only when tomorrow come, then I start to crave for that. Not now. Not when I’m suppose to sleep!!

Sorry guys. Just telling you the truth about what I’m thinking right now. I know, it’s so crazy! It’s not like I’m starve to death or what. Can’t even eat anything right now.

*Exception only if you put the toasted bread with butter, slice of  chicken, half boil egg and red bean bake in front of me. (^_^)


P/S: Today is my bad day! Every food I have tend to slip out from my plate. Happened twice!! What a day!