I was blog hooping just now, then suddenly I felt drowse and dizzy. It was not coming from the breakfast, or from my late sleep yesterday night, or from my multitasking job. It was from the blogs that I read. I must say, I have less interest at blog which like to stick their picture at every where. It is like obsession to their beauties.

Anyway, I have no right to get angry, or to criticize their art work. But may be I can explain what I feel is the best, or may be it is not the best, but what I like to see in people’s blog.

1. Nice color. Ya ya.. I know, different people has different point of view. But can you at least try to match the layout and font color. I hate to view the blog with black layout and red font color. Kinda give me some headache. To add the misery, they’re putting too many font colors in one entry. Like a rainbow. But rainbow still better, because at least rainbow is display in light blue background, and it is in organize tone color. Eh eh.. out of topic. we not talking about rainbow, the best God creation. Okay stop!

2. Nice Layout. If you are good in art, and good in multimedia, and you have plenty time to spend with, you can produce your own layout for your blog. But if you just like me, who stealing office time to blogging, and just do blogging for releasing the tension, using the template is just fine. Try to choose not too crowded layout, where people can easily find your entry. And putting picture as a layout it not a good idea. It’s hard to read the entry. When people scroll down to read the next entry, it kinda difficult to find the next entry. Unless you are purposely to make it hard to your blog readers.

3. Pictures. I do read model’s blogs. And celebrities too. But they don’t publish their picture every time they make entry. Or putting their pictures all over the blog. It’s kinda sick to see people who obsess themselves too much. Irritate as well. Okay, enough said la Ha!

4. Entry. This is the difficult part to describe. A little bit bias may be, because different people have different taste. Lain pesonaliti lain gayanya *aik.. tiba-tiba kan! Tadi speaking berabuk.. tapi part ni lagi best cakap melayu!. Ada orang cakap macam nak bergaduh, ada orang cakap macam comel-comel. Ada orang cakap penuh dengan keskemaan, ada pulak tu, penuh dengan lawak jenaka. Tak kisah la macamana pun! Yang penting itu diri awak, kan? Tapi kalau saya, saya suka orang bercakap dengan tulisan yang sempurna skit. Bukan bahasa sms dan short form yang sangat memeningkan tu. Dan bahasa yang sangat lintang-pukang. Bahasa pasar takpe. *Eh Ha, banyak plak kau punye demand. Lepas tu saya suka ada unsur kelakar dalam karya dia. *Aish, macam cakap pasal filem pulak! Dan jangan terlebih perasan comel. Atau berpura-pura tulis comel. Sungguh tak boleh blah! Okay, nak sambung cakap Inggeris balik. HAHA..

So here my review about the blog. I cannot talk more, because who am I to criticize others, while I am also just a beginner. (sebenarnya, entry ni buat dari pagi sampai petang tak siap-siap. Gilalah, multitasking!!)

And.. you must be curious, what blog I already read that make me do the review like this.. *tak nak cakap.. HAHA. Kalau nak, sila mintak kat comment.