I had an appraisal session with my boss last Monday. As much as I can say, I admitted most of his say, and I realized that actually I lost my track and need to get back!

A few days before that, I already made a decision. The outcome of this session will determine how am I going to set my next path, to the year 2010 (already been there few days). I almost believe that, my boss can’t convince me to stay to this company, or at least said words that I can’t agree with. Surprisingly, it turned out to be, I agreed with most of his words. Okay, bear in your mind, I’m not totally lost and agree with him at all. I just agreed in a few thing his say, about me!

Let me share a few things he said about me. *matilah cerita appraisal sendiri kat orang!

  • saya perhatikan awak ni cepat jemu.
  • awak tak seperti yang saya jangkakan. Masa awak masuk dulu, saya lihat awak punya potensi untuk pergi lebih jauh.
  • Saya selalu lihat awak buka website bila saya lalu tempat awak.
  • awak kene cuba belajar kawal emosi awak, kerja dalam tekanan.
  • Awak pandai buat kerja.

Sorry, I wrote them in Bahasa. Actually I already forgot the exact words. These are more or less from what I remembered. Apparently, may be I’m a bit overwhelming when he said “you know how to work”!, because I felt that he actually realize my doing. But I think, what his say about other things also true. History prove me that I never stay / live at one place more than 3 years, and usually the third year would a bit disaster to me. So, I’m gonna challenge myself to stay a few times longer that usual.

Enough talking about my appraisal. Let’s talk about something else.

Because of result of my appraisal, I become more hardworking, compare to my down time. *haihh.. macam server plak! I work until 9pm. And also, after 2 years appraisal, he doesn’t appreciate my early bird punch card, so I decide to come late as everybody else. And I try to avoid surfing during his existing in the office, since my mistake is always not realize he had been standing behind my back, due to my loud sound of my head phone.

Ok, enough with long sentences, like I need to tell all the story in one breath.

Due to my boss’s absence today *he got meeting somewhere in Putrajaya, I took the opportunity to surf wherever I like, and update my blog. *I never said I already insaf, I just said that I try to avoid when he exist! 😉

Now, let’s talk about my life.

Remember my promise to publish pictures of my company dinner. It held in Sime Darby Convention Centre, Mont Kiara. Seeing INTAN when we went there, make me remember all the memories when I used to work there. Eh.. already forgot about the pic. Okay, here they are..

chinese course..

langit dewan..

Green Affairs theme..

My Department.. tapi tak semua ada..

Cannot publish more, might disturb others’ privacy. Unauthorised Publishing!

At first, I thought I wanna publish pictures from my hp camera. But I’m not satisfied with those pictures, although it’s 8MP camera. Damm! So I took these pics from my colleague.

Let move to another topic, Dinner at Bagan Lalang on Saturday, a day after the company’s dinner.

Early plan would be Tirah, Mariati, Adah, Dy, Pae, my cousin and me. But my cousin and Adah got some other matters last minute. So only the five of us went to Sepang Goldcoast, Bagan Lalang. What a name! I thought Gold coast only at Ausie.

Anyway, it was unlucky day to us. We planned to have dinner outside, but some predicted to be rainy. So we moved in the restaurant. And our course came late, like after 2-3 other guests who came a little late than us get first. Then, we didn’t get our coconut water, because suddenly coconuts were out of stock. And then, when we ordered drink for the second time (kuat minum air ni!), we need to repeat the order again for the third and forth time, due to.. I don’t know, taking for granted may be. To add more, they had to remove our table to the middle, because our table near to main switch, and they got problem in electricity. So, when people walking behind us, they accidentally hit my friend’s chair.

I said it was unlucky day to us. I didn’t said that it was the Bad restaurant. Not yet, because I already went there two times before. And both times, it was great. And cheap too! Enough talking.. enjoy picture!

itu lauk yg belum dimasak..

That’s all. No picture of participants. I hate taking picture using my hp camera at night, it produce too much light *sampai sakit mata semua orang.

Next story..

I already got back my tv. So I can watch tv clearly, without have to sit near tv *sebab tv yang tuan rumah kasik pinjam tu kecik sangat. Terpaksa duduk dekat-dekat. But still, I don’t watch regularly, due to my late coming home after work. And also because I cannot ‘layan‘ all time malay’s drama that my housemate watch. *Dowwhhh.. sungguh boring!!

The first night I got the tv, I watch until 1am. Watching AC? where got KRU in the house. And suddenly thinking of, how can I be their fan during the old times? *Nasib baik they still kelakar.

my tv..

Lately I love to hear and watch Nobody from Wonder Girls. But when I watch this one.. it’s more hilarious..