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Every time I went to KL Sentral, I always stop at Famous Amours stall, buy my-favorite-all-time chocolate chip with macadamia cookies. I love Famous Amours specially with nuts. Big nuts. But it’s quite expensive. For 100gram chocolate chips with Macadamia cookies, I have to pay for RM8.90 (if I’m not mistaken).

But yesterday, I already change my mind. Why you have to pay for something expensive, while you get something cheaper, only you have to sacrifice to buy the famous brand. Ehehehe… 😀 The thing is, I tasted home made cookies, made by Kak Ila, and I already fall in love with it!

cookies yg belum jadi.. tu yang saya..

before into the oven.. itu saya yang buat..

Let me introduce the chef. Kak Ila is Pae’s sister. Kak Ila loves to cook! She went into cook’s classes, and like to try new recipe. But she’s not really into business things. Or may be not seriously, right now. I mean, she only made when somebody request. Not everyday produced the product and send them to any shop or to anywhere. Only when somebody request for her home made cookies, or for her beautiful cake, or moisturizes chocolate cake, or blueberry or chocolate cheese cake, then she made it. I like that way, because now I know it’s fresh from oven.

RM25 for a box..

So, when her brother’s friend request for 40 boxes home made cookies to post to Sarawak, she let me help her to make them (and I can taste them too.. ;)). So as the reward, she let me have a box for it. Yeayy.. thanks Kak Ila!!

The thing I love most about it.. is a lot of nuts inside the cookies. Yeeeeaaa.. I love nuts! Any kinds of nuts. But for this one, she put hazel nut. And the nuts is big! Another thing is it’s not too sweet. When I eat Famous Amours, I have to drink a lot of water to neutralize the sweetest.

So if you interested to taste it, just contact me. She lives at Seri Kembangan, near Jusco Taman Quine, so around Klang Valley, no cost of delivery!

P/s: next time, I want to request macadamia, instead of hazel nut. oh.. can’t wait for it!!



-The Lover of Kak Ila’s home made cookies-