Duuhh.. it’s like years I’m not blogging!!

The truth is, when I was in the mood to write, there were lot of things came out, but when I was free like a bee (what’s with bee??), I couldn’t find a word to write. Choii!! So right now, I’m forcing myself, write something! Otherwise, this blog will left unwritten.

I could say, last few months were quite tough month for me. From work, from personal life. Ahaha.. it’s not that I’m having a miserable life. It’s because of feeling demotivated. Demotivated is tough! But knowing you are demotivated, and try to over come the feeling is tougher than I thought. Usually I let it over come naturally. But this time, I try to fixed it, because I’m not sure when it fixed, and I cannot wait for this feeling to fixed. *What the hell I’m talking about?? ~This is what happened when you forcing yourself too much! (-_-!)

Whatever it is, I’m glad I’m back to the same old me. I mean, to the workaholic-who-working-like-no-one-could-do-job-better-than-me person! Ahahaa.. 😀 But seriously, now I’m back in the track, and feels really good! But there are price I have to pay. I’m so focus and concentrate at my work that sometimes I can’t talk too much with friend through ym, gtalk and skype. I have less time surfing, and blog hooping, and I spend just enough time only for emails checking ,and fb too if only I got email reminder from fb. That’s all!!

So friends, forgive me if I ignore your private message. But here some tips, *if you need to talk to me, buzz me in the morning, where I don’t start my work yet, because there were those time that I can focus on you.