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Okay.. I got so many stories!! Which one to tell first??

Let’s start with the weekend..


One of my officemate is going to get married by end of this November.. so trying to imitate west style, we organized a Bachelor Party to the girl.. eh silap.. to the bride at Sunway Pyramid.


sunway piramid

Entered to Sunway Piramid at 12 noon sharp! (when it come to party.. everyone was so punctual!)



But we were not so ‘west’ because, we had no idea what to do during the so called Bachelor Party. At last, these were activities we did during the session:

  1. Lunch at Fish Manhattan
  2. Photography Session
  3. Manicure at… erk, somewhere in Sunway Piramid building.
  4. Tea at Sushi King.. but looks like dinner to me.


the lunch..

taking pic

taking picture everywhere..


the first group in manicure session..

eating at Sushi King

feeling happy after eating..


I went back to home so late, at 3pm. Then rushing for laundry, since I’m going to fly again on Monday. 3 times washing the clothes! So tired, but mission accomplish!! Congratulation to me!!


So busy this morning with all log help desk that need to be tested and closed. Haiya.. suddenly the image of cartoon with a lot of hands come into my mind. Until I cannot entertain my schoolmate, who I forward her resume to my boss, report duty today! Sorry, I will entertain her next time!

Then, at 12, Kak Mas and I were rushing to take voucher at Jaya 33. But before get the voucher, we need to hear the explanation first. Bla bla bla.. yada yada yada.. finally, the consultant successfully make us signed the contract. Ceh! But it’s okay, since we actually interested in that. It just that, we think too fast, it is not enough for a good decision making!

Jaya 33

*I google for this pic..

At 2, I rushed to Subang Airport for the flight to KT. Let me tell you one secret. Actually I already missed my flight this morning. The Department secretary and I fill in the correct information, but because the info keep changing, so company’s agent got confuse and forgot to look on the time changes. So, actually I had 2 tickets to KT today! ~uh uh uh..

I could say, based on my experience lately, Si Jingga (the name I called after ‘Firefly Airlines’) improve his performance, a lot! Despite the bad weather that happened to the East, Si Jingga seem very punctual with the time. In fact, at 2.50pm, I already in the flight (my flight is 3.10). Then, I feel less bumpy today. And, even though in ticket write that I would be arrived at 4.10pm, actually at that time, I already finished pray Jamak Zohor Asar at KT’s airport.

Okaylah, enough talking. I need to take a rest, because tomorrow I will conduct the session by myself.