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I am totally broke today! *that’s the same words I said when I came back from Makassar, right? Actually, I am so broke this week. Right now in my wallet, I have money only enough to pay taxi rent from hotel to airport. Tomorrow I’ll be back to KL. Then next Monday, I’ll be here again! uh uh uh.. (O_o)


miskin hina..

When people seing me flying here and there *actually KL-KT-KL, people might be thinking people like me got a lot of money. The truth is, not necessarily!! Sometime, we are poorer than people who look ordinary. Because when you are traveling, you most likely tend to spend more money than you should. *Especially people like me! So, even though you are out of budget, you always think like “alah.. it’s okay to spend more. It’s not that we always come to this place!!” Duuhhh.. it’s a WRONG WRONG WRONG way of thinking!!

angry*I am scolding myself! (-_-!!)

So now, I’m waiting for friend to pay their debt to me. One of them is from my housemates. One cannot pay because she still don’t get her salary yet. The other one, because I said she could bank in the money after she calculate electric and water bill and deduct from that. Then, I’m waiting the money from who I lend the money with. She will pay, it just that she don’t have money yet. So, I cannot ask about that right now, because for sure she feel worried and sad. ~sigh~


~uh uh uh~

And the worst part is, I have a debt too. Not PTPTN one, nor card credit debt but the one I lend money from my officemate. Today, I went to Pasar Payang to buy something she asked me to buy. And there are a few other officemates too asked to buy things. I hate to say cannot, its like I refuse to help them. I can’t say I don’t have money, there will be a lot of questions follow after that. So I asked the money from her. Luckily, my officemate got money, and she without hesitate bank in the money. ~wheww, thank you!!~

Actually, it’s not that I don’t have money at all. One, I refuse to take it from that bank. That’s my saving *saving to Sydney as well.. ehehe.. The other one, I’m not sure how much I have in there. Use the account only to make online banking and pay the astro bill or top up hp creadit.

money fly

money oh money...

Okaylah, I already made you boring with money issue. Let’s change the topic!

This morning, Farah and I jogged along the beach, even though the weather quite windy and I had an early session this morning. Look how windy it was..


tengok daun kepala tu..

pantai waktu pagi

waktu ini, dalam pukul 6.35 pagi.. lebih kurang la


masa ni.. ombak sangat kuat.. dan besar!

But when I went back to hotel, I got dizziness. I still hurry to the hospital, as my boss already waited me there. Luckily, he had session with dental to discuss about charting, something that is not related to me. So I just skip from the session, and wait my user out side the room. Suddenly, I got stomach ache. It’s a weird thing happened to me. Keep thinking why I got stomach ache. So I just took a nap in the pantry. Luckily after 30 minutes.. or more.. ~uh uh (-_-!!)~ the pain disappeared.

When back after work from hospital, Farah and I went to Pasar Payang, we went to Pasar Payang..

Pasar Payang

Pasar Payang dari parking kereta Farah..

to pay this..


penyu.. kecil.. besar.. dan BESAR!!

on the way back, I saw this..



which remind me to the memory we tried to get in the trishaw. The worst part was, 2 person in a trishaw.. bayangkan betapa seksanya pakcik beca tu!!

Then, we went back to hotel. At 6.30pm, we went out again with my boss to send him to airport. Before that, we had dinner ‘fish and seafood celup tepung’ again..

cuttlefish & ikan pari

cuttlefish & ikan pari celup tepung..


crab, prawn and the eater's hands..

On the way back from airport, we went to Mydin again *we went to this place almost everyday. Farah wanted to buy an umbrella. Terengganu already start raining all day, everyday!!

Oklah, I’m tired already. Tomorrow morning, I have to wake up early, pakcik taxi will wait for me in the loby at 7am. And I’ll make sure, I take much more photo, like the ‘Collapsed of Sultan Mizan Stadium’, the airport, etc.