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Let’s update!!

Where to begin..? Should I begin the last week story (which I already forgot why I was so eager to update)? Or this weekend story..? Or Yesterday story.. which was quite interesting! Or today story.. which is quite pac!

Last week story.. I cannot remember anymore. So let proceed to the weekend story.

Weekend Story

On Saturday, I went to kenduri of staff in my office. It was a tea lady’s daughter wedding. I promised to meet up Kak Mas somewhere at LRT station. So we met up at University’s LRT station. To be short, a few other office mates and ex-office mate went to the wedding. Nothing much to tell since it was not my friend’s wedding.



Later, Kak Mas sent me to Amcorp Mall, because my housemates were there. Then, we went to Alamanda, shopping for Permata Hijrah thing. I already went to Alamanda a day before, and bought liquid therapy for my eyes. It had been said could repair eye sight problem. I’m not sure about that yet, but it definitely can make your eyes clearer. One more thing, lately I got sinus quite badly, always felt a little bit itchiness on my eyes so I tend to rub them. Because of that, my eyes got red. So when I put this liquid into my eyes, although it quite smarting, it decreasing the redness.


But, before we went to Permata Hijrah booth, we went to Carefour.. and guess what I saw..



OMG.. I became crazy and see what I got for myself..

itupun nasib baik..

itupun nasib baik housemate call panggil balik..

If I got time, I will review the books.

After that, we went to Setiawangsa Jusco for solat Maghrib and shopping. Then we went dinner at Sakura Kristal Kafe, inside Jusco. The food was just okay for me.. may be because I ordered something gravy and not spicy, which made me a little bit nausea.

in front the Sakura Kristal Kafe

in front the Sakura Kristal Kafe

On Sunday, we went jogging at Keramat Recreation Centre, across Jelatek LRT station. When I just about to warm up the body, got a call from Faiz. She just arrived at Sydney, still in the airport, waiting for her friend to pick her up. Thanks Faiz for calling!

After having joging and using all the gym stuff for about 1 hour or more.. then we went to NZ for the breakfast. Unfortunately, we got a little accident on the way back to home. Somehow, Atirah bumped into the road border. I was so pity with her, so I lend her money for changing the tyre. *the tyre totally broke!

We went to having cendol and eating rojak after that.

Monday – Journey to Kuala Terengganu

I went to Kuala Terengganu yesterday with Farah, Domain Team for LIS system *don’t ask much about that system, overall it’s about Lab system. and her 2-weeks proton saga, called Mr. Brown *named after her color. We are traveling about 8 hours, insaf after we got stopped by police roadblock. It was a confusing moment for me *because I never be in a car where had been stopped by police before, and it was a scaring moment for Farah. *But Farah did claim I was scared too.. which at this point aku sengih jelah..

Actually, Farah drove 100km/hr, but the limit is 90km/hr. Farah didn’t realize about the limit, because highway limit is usually 110km/hr. When police stopped us at Bentong, it really confused me, because I did think that Farah didn’t drive fast, until I asked the police..

“Encik.. kitorang kena saman ke?”

Luckily the police just let us go. Thank God for that, but I suspected because we were women, and our face look pale too! 😉

When we arrived at Kemaman, we off the main road to Kuala Kemaman, just because Farah eager to find Hai Peng Kopitiam. Ok.. penat la cakap orang putih. Nak cakap melayu la plak. Saya macam pelik je Farah ni sebab dia boleh je off the road without knowing exactly where to go. Pening saya! Kot adventure pun, kena la ada based, kan! So.. luckily saya kenal seorang kawan bernama Encik Ilmami kan, jadi saya pun calling-calling la dengan beliau. Sampai ke Kuala Kemaman kami sesat, betul-betul dekat tempat orang turunkan ikan. Aduh! So patah balik.. dan kami pun berjaya lah tiba ke Hai Peng kopitiam dengan jayanya!

Hai Peng Kopitiam..

Hai Peng Kopitiam..

the Coffee..

the Coffee..

Lepas tu, kami bergerak terus ke KT, sebab dah lambat sangat. Tiba di hotel pukul 5.30. Check in, solat jamak, then off to pantai pulak, for walking along the beach, jagung bakar santan and A&W rootbeer float.

Balik hotel, solat jamak again, then off to airport Kuala Terengganu to pick up Bambang, the programmer from Jakarta.

Today Activity

This morning, we jogged along the beach. *ohh.. saya sungguh pancit. Tapi tak sempat ambil gambar. Esok saya akan ambil gambar. *boleh ke saya bangun ni, sampai sekarang belum tidur.

Kemudian, aktiviti dengan user berjalan lancar tanpa sebarang masalah.

Pulang dari hospital, Farah, Bambang dan saya bersiap ke Pulau Duyung, planning to catch pembuat bot yang terkenal. Tapi sebab dah lewat, kami terus mencari ikan (dan makanan laut) salut tepung. Oh sungguh sedap sehingga menjilat jari!

Bambang with food byk tak sampai lagi..

Bambang with food byk tak sampai lagi..

Pulang, singgah di Giant. Banyak betul barang yang Farah beli, tapi saya cuma beli sekotak air soya+jagung dan sebungkus mini bun. *Sebenarnya duit saya dah habis beli baju, seluar dan kasut sukan semalam, sebab nak keluar berjoging hari ni!

shopping at Giant..

shopping at Giant..

Oklah, sudah pukul 2.09 pagi. Saya perlu tidur, esok nak bangun pagi dan joging lagi!