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I try my best to fullfill my weekend, but end up I was sitting in the hall at my home, open up laptop, and watching Coffee Prince. huhuhu…

Last week, I did discover on how to make your life a little bit more cheer up, not dull and boring, or feeling demotivated when you go to work. I found out something in CLEO (I know, CLEO it not for my age anymore, but like I care.. ehehe..) and in a little research I made through my life experience.

I think I missed a few thing that spice up my life (actually I already created an entry for this topic, during the time I discover this thing, but when I read back, I don’t feel to paste it).


I lost interest in anything lately, so how will the passion come with anything I do. And when you without passion, everything seem boring and dull, and you easily become passive and demotivated. So I think I need to find back my passion, especially regarding to my work. I want to be me a few years back, or at least when I start this job, where I was so passionated and excited to do everything. But please don’t blame me all alone. That time I was so naive that I couldn’t see everyone’s true colors, even my boss look so nice to me. Now.. *sigh I know everyone, so I need to be in certain behavior to certain people in order to survive.

But, still I can develop my passion toward my job, so I could produce better, and nicer, and faster job, than everyone else.

People Around Us

No matter you like or not people around it, sooner or later you tend to behave just like them. Or may be not for strong people. But it is happened to me.

For example, I’m the only one woman who like to play futsal in my company. During the first year, I careless about I’m the only woman in the field, even though I still not comfortable with some of those guys. Although I less speak in the futsal court, it doesn’t matter. The matter is I did what I like. But now, no more futsal. I gave a lot of excuse like I was so busy with travelling, or I need to be back early, or I have something to do, or even I feel tired. But the thing is, I start following everyone else, and start thinking that it is not nice for me to play with those guys.

So do happened during weekend. I remember that I always have anergy for additional activities, despite my active regular life. I used to went out every weekend, sometime stay back at friend house just to chill out together, or having supper with some friends. Now, all activity are only during weekend, and sometime, I done nothing during weekend.

Positive Thinking

Err.. actually I have no mood to write anymore. ehehe.. but I think you could think it yourself the relation of being positive and having a good life, right? Well, if you can read until these paragraph, meaning your brain is working. 😉 Good for you!!


Update a few thing. This Friday, I will be fly to Makassar. But I don’t what to expect. I have been reading a lot lately about Malaysia-Indonesia relationship. It is quite scary for me. Actually I don’t have issue with them. Even though it is quite heart break to read all those thing they try to do to us, like ‘Sweeping Malaysian’ campaign, with buluh runcing and all other stuff (Alhamdulillah they didn’t meet any malaysian during the incident), but I always think that their miserable life make they do the stupid thing. *I called it stupid because they didn’t even think about the condiquences to their friends in Malaysia if that really happened to malaysian and if only you knew how much they had been paid for doing that hideous thing.

Thank God the earthquake happened in Padang, not that I’m glad it happened, but the action our country taken showing that Malaysia are still very rational and civilize country. It is also a lesson to learn that we are required to be good and nice with our neighbors because they are the closest place we have when we need a help. *this also applied to our dear life.

So, I feel a bit relax to go there this Friday. But still, I still wondering around, what am I suppose to do when I’ve been there. Making my own plan activity, or following others, and not sure what to do. I guess I need to make a phone call to Taiping for that matters.