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It’s 2.13 in the morning, September 26 2009. It’s 7th day we are celebrating raya, and currently I don’t have internet, but I don’t care. I could paste it later. I just wanna share you a story that happened to me a day before we celebrated raya, that happened about last week.

At first, I planning to keep it for myself, but I think I wanna remember this moment, and I don’t want the experience just dispeared. Eventhough it was not something wonderfull to be remembered.

Anyway, it was Saturday, a week before, I went back to my mom’s house. Unfortunately, there was no bus directly go to my place. I have to take two bus and two boats to be in my home. It’s was tiring, but I have to. So after taking a bus from Taiping, and stopped at the wrong place, I walked with 3 beg in my hands to the right place. Pretty far. To be worst, the sky started raining.

After 10 minutes walking in the rainy day, a guy spook to me and asked where I am going. I don’t know why but I always felt rude to ignore people’s question. So I just answered carelessly. Then the guy offered sending me to the right bus stop. Thinking about my laptop in the rainy day, I just accepted the offer and prayed nothing happened to me. After asking a few questions like, where I came from, and where I supposed to go etc etc, he and his brother decided to send me to Lumut, which at this point I felt pretty scared. But I tried my very best to think positively. May be this guy is a nice person, and trying to be nice to me.

But in the middle of the journey, I felt it was the longest journey I ever had, even though it was only half an hour. The guy was very imatured, pretty straight forward person, talking too much and like asking the same questions, a lot! His elder brother was quite okay, compare to him, but still, try to act knowing everything. At first, I tried to lie about what I am doing. I told them I am a final year student at UiTM, but when I saw the thing was out of control, I start telling the truth about the other thing. They was shock when I told them my age.

I don’t know, but at my first impression, I hate this guy. I felt guilty for feelling that way. At least I owed him for sending me to the right place. But I can’t help to felt irritating when he asking me if I have a boyfriend, when I was only 10 minutes in his car. And 10 minutes later, he asked if he could be my boyfriend. Damn! Either he was really desperate, or he is a player. And he like talking about himself.

But I can’t play hard, since I was still his car at that moment. so I just answered carelessly, smile, and start cursing in my heart. And I already gave my phone number to him. That was the stupid thing I had done. Now he already bugging me with SMS and call. I never picked up his call, but reply his SMS, once! But I guess this guy don’t really know how to read the sign. So I have record his name in my phone as ‘Stranger’, and try to avoid his call.

I promise to myself, from now on, I will never get a ride from any man I didn’t know, and I will try to get licence and car as soon as possible, so I don’t have to face a problem of having no bus to went back home.