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Saya rasa ingin update sedikit.

Saya ingat bos saya tak perasaan deraan jiwa saya. Rupanya dia tahu!

Saya telah muhasabah diri dan masalah saya dengan tempat kerja ini. Ada beberapa perkara yang saya ingin lakukan:

  1. Saya ingin menukar tujuan bekerja saya. Saya akan tetapkan dalam hati saya bahawa saya bekerja kerana Allah. Maka, sedikit lebih kerja tidak mengapa, asal membawa faedah kepada semua. Tidak mengapa saya bekerja lebih, kerana pasti ada balasan dari Dia. Tentu!! Semoga rezeki saya menjadi berkat.
  2. Saya akan cuba memperbaiki komunikasi saya dengan ketua saya. Saya rasa, semua ini berlaku mungkin ada kaitan dengan putus komunikasi 2 hala (communication breakdown) di antara kami semua. Mungkin ini salah satu cara yang terbaik memperbaiki suasana bekerja di sini.
  3. Saya akan cuba bersangka baik. Bersangka buruk itu boleh merosakkan jiwa.
Langit Terengganu dari balkoni hotel

Langit Terengganu dari balkoni hotel


Last Wednesday, I went to DBP to watch Teater Anugerah Kemerdekaan. I was so speechless, and that’s only happened because I was not preparing mentally and physically. Yeah.. I was like planning to just have some fun, and plus to have some food for my soul. But.. it was so different from what I expect.

First of all, I wasn’t thought there were a lot of people, young age (err.. is it mean that I’m old?), not looking so patriotic (I don’t mean to judge, it just that their hair, and clothes and style was so not like people who celebrating merdeka, or may be I’m expecting some nerdy, schema and educated people to come) were pushing each other in order to get into ‘Stor Teater’. Store? I was shock at that moment. I keep asking myself, what am I doing here?

the crowd in front of Stor Teater

the crowd in front of Stor Teater

After getting into the ‘Stor Teater’, almost quarter of the place already full of people, so a bunch of us just seat at one row left unseated. The minute I seated, I began to think, “this is not going to be Teater Kemerdekaan but most likely to be Drama Radio Kemerdekaan”. Full house, with people sitting all over places (I mean on the floor too), and the most great thing is, the next and the next next line in front of us was full with taller people. And the place was so hot (not sure either the air conditioner was not working, or the place have no aircond at all) that people use the pamphlet given as a fan.

I don’t want complaining to much, since it was free, and we get 6 theater in one night. So I seated quietly, and trying to make fun of it. And the theater was great, if I could see the stage clearly, and if people behind me don’t make too much noise of wanting to see Farid Kamil (it has been told that Farid Kamil should be there, but end up Pekin replace his character), and if the spotlight not focusing on our line, and if the audience not making too much noise. Errmm.. am I to fussy?

From six theater,two of them I like most. One from Aswara student I think, about 3 guys talking about the meaning of ‘Merdeka’. It was so funny as they make fun of people who don’t know the meaning of Merdeka. The other one was from Mamat Khalid, where Khir Rahaman, Vanida Imran and Pekin acted. Well, what can you say, they are the talented people.

So, I end the night with a few question marks in my head. Do the audience really understand the objective of every teater? What actually the audience wanna see? And the actors themselves, do they really acted from their heart, or just another script that need to be memorized? Because I was pretty damn sure, that some of the audience don’t really understand about it and don’t give a damn about it.

p/s: uiks.. panjang plak! 😀