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Twilight The Book

Twilight The Book

I’ve been recommended to watch Twilight since it showed in cinema, although the friend who recommended the movie knew that I don’t go to cinema. And after that, many friends was asking the same thing too. But after last week, when a friend asking me to take Twilight Quizzes in fb, and I watch a Quickie guest (at 8TV), a young housewife, who also mad with his movie, I said, I need to find out about this. So, I look into the copy of this movie with high expectation (which I don’t know what to expect..)

To begin with, I used to watch vampire and warewolf movies or dramas, so the routine and activites of them is nothing new to me. Even though I couldn’t remember any title of the movies (usually vampire’s movie not very popular, unless the one which Brat Pitt and Tom Cruise played, but still I couldn’t remember the title), but I still remember those movies. So I felt so curious, what is so interesting and different about this vampire movie?

So, after half watching it, my mind keep thinking on True Blood series, in Max Movie channel. The storyline almost the same, except that in Twilight, the mind reader is the vampire himself, while in True Blood, the human is the mind reader. But still, there’s nothing new. The scenary is beautiful, by let forget about it because most of legend movies have beautiful scene. I watch twice to understand the whole storyline, and still didn’t find the interesting and differences from the others. Then it hit me! I think I know why most of people (especially woman) fall in love with this movie. :->

Actually, there are a lot of beautiful things in this movie, that can make you fall in love with it, although the co-stars not so damn beautiful, I mean not beautiful enough until you get mad with their faces. 😀 But everything is just nice. But the thing I remember most about this movie, is its script, which is meaningful and touching. Like when it said “.. you are my life”, “..being so protective.. “, “Don’t know how long I waited for you”..  etc.. etc.. 😮

Like people remember in Jerry McGuire movie, “you complete me”, I think same goes to this movie. How ‘perfect’ words come out from their mouths, and how deep their feeling towards each other, made this story so romantic and unforgettable. It bring the dreams and imagination to people who watch it. But still, I think there’s a lot of improvement  to be made like their face expression. I don’t like  their expression for a few scenes.  For example, when Bella touch Edward’s cold skin, I don’t understand what expression Edward want to show. Afraid? Confuse? huhuhu.. Anyway.. that’s my opinion. Others might think differently. Ehehehe.. speaking like a pro.. sorry for that! 😀

Enough of this talking.. I need to post it, and finish up all my work. Even though I’m in office, and my bos in KT, but I still have CEO and all other VPs, watching like eagle looking for food in this office. Ahahaha.. it’s very meant to label people like that. Sorry.. please don’t this at home.. 😉