Last week I was in Putrajaya, this week I am in Kuala Terengganu. I guess, it is not suprising nor wierd anymore. What can I say, this is my job nature!

Kind of tired lately. Job is major part of it. But there are other things too. Like thinking of when will I finish off my single life, and start thinking living together. Ahaha.. before we’re going deeper, I should began with, when will I start thinking of having a boyfriend. Yeah.. I think, that’s the right question to begin with.

One of my friend have told me, in order for me to find love, I need to open my heart first. But what is ‘open heart’? Do I need to think about having a boyfriend every time I set my eyes to guys? But it looks so ‘gedik’ if I do that, isn’t it? Do it means that I just need to be friend with more guys? But I think, I already do that, in fact, sometimes I might just over do it! Or I should thinking to move further, every time I be friend with guys? But do I have to do that, even though I don’t feel to do it?

This stuff is so complicated. If is not because of ‘hadith’ said.. “who hates being marriage is not my follower”, and if it is not because of my family keep asking and praying for that, I might as well not thinking about that. Why should I  keep searching for happiness when I myself not really sure I can be happy after marriage. After all, it is not that I’m not  being happy right now.

Oh, so boring thinking about this. I should thinking about sometime else. Eheheh… This is what happened when still awake at 1.56 in the morning.

I pray to Allah, give some ‘hidayah’ and a way for me to move on, so that everyone would be happy. Me myself first must be happy, then averyone around me like my mom, my aun, uncle, relatives etc. Ameen..