new worldHello..

This my first day using wordpress. More and less like other blogs I have. It’s like having a collection of blogs with different platform. But that’s not the reason I’m putting so much afford to build another blog,  but this is more on the new beginning of my life.

Why I put it in such a dramatic way? Well, I won’t tell you everything today. It’s like you meet people for the first time. You won’t reveal everything about yourself right? Even though I believe some of you might know me too well, but still I choose to just talk about nothing-so-important.

How I feel today? I feel fine and ordinary. But I decide today I want to start my life with new personality, new vision, new mission, new move and a lot of the ‘new’ things. What in my mind right now is not a complete picture of what I’m planning to be. That’s why I need some platform to, just write down everything in my head, and later this platform will remind me the person I want to be.

Okay, enough of this talking.  I want you to know that, if you are thinking of making changes, good changes I mean, then go for it! Don’t let anybody make you feel that you are not capable of anything. You are what you want to be!